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Pyramids are real MIRACLES on Earth though These are practically created by man thousands of years ago But The still they are very effective and miraculous due to their charactorstics in respect of Cosmic energy. with the help and use of which lot can be done for the betterment, upliftment and prosparity of entire mankind  
Our Ancient Saints, Rishi, Muni,Mahatmas and Astrologers were fully aware of the miraculous power of pyramid and were successfully using these in the forms of various yantras like the most powerful SHREE YANTRA which from the scientific angle was nothing but a kind of PYRAMID

Pyramid Power is now being used in various important sectors which are very effective for Human Life, some of such sectors are VAASTU, Astrology, Color therepy, Spiritual Meditation and Medical Healing Thousands of Techniques are being innovated and implied by Pyra energy scientists and experts which are proving their miraculous worth towards the betterment of Human Life on Earth.

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